All ACLT Student can be completed online with this exception: All students are required to attend a certain number of modular classes in person over the course of their studies.

Modular classes are held in the college premises beginning from first week of January each year. In these classes, students are requires to attend lectures regularly.  They have 90 days to complete reading and writing assignments.  You can see the modular courses scheduled for the coming year here.

There are three forms of exemption:

Distance Exception

Students who reside in other countries can apply for an exemption if they are unable to afford the trip.

Hardship Compassion

Students whose financial circumstances prohibit them from being able to attend will also be able to apply for an exemption.

Transfer Modification

Students who transfer in a large percentage of their credits (or current students who have already completed a large percentage of their required credits) may also apply for an exemption or a reduction.

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