Welcome to the ACLT website. If you are Pastor or Church leader desiring to build your church to respond to the prospects and challenges of the 21st century or you are Christian seeking for deeper understanding of the Scriptures or feels the Lord is calling you to become a Pastor, a Pastoral Counsellor or Marriage Counsellor then look no further, the place for your training is Asempa College of Leadership and Theology. ACLT is Christian inter denominational Seminary focusing on raising and equipping leaders for the church in the 21st century. ACLT understands that Christian leaders operate in different contexts and cultures and need to show appreciation of their contexts and cultures in their delivery. This calls for holistic training that recognizes each student as unique with specific task from God. ACLT helps students understand their calling, recognize and put to effect use their God given gifts. ACLT trains the head and the heart of each student to love God and respond to His calling in a hurting world. At ACLT everyone has a ministry and everyone is called by God to do something. Everyone therefore needs train.

ACLT President